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The bingo caller software that has all of the following...
75 ball bingo caller
card printer
card checker

plus loads of other great features

Stateside bingo software turns your Windows PC into a digital bingo machine so you can play bingo anytime, anywhere.
The software is great for families, parties, fund raising, community centers, retirement communities or any social gatherings.

This cheap and professional software can be used instead of expensive blowers or even used alongside your existing equipment.
Already have a blower ? You can use this software’s built in flashboard to display all the called numbers.

Print your own bingo paper with this software and it will automatically verify the winning cards !!

Stateside bingo caller software
Just some of the features:Stateside bingo session manager
  • Plays 75 number bingo
  • Works with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP
  • Easy to use point and click interface
Session manager
  • Setup your whole bingo session using the easy to use ‘session manager’
  • Save your sessions and reload them any time. Save different sessions for different days of the week
  • Easy to edit
Bingo card printing
  • Print your own colored bingo paper. Choose from 15 colors
  • Each card has it’s own serial number for quick and easy win verification
  • Print your cards with optional headers, card text, website address and pattern shadingLarge bingo pattern shown before the game starts
Bingo caller
  • It has an optional bingo caller using real human voices and you can add your own voices
  • Change the background graphic, change the colors and you can even change the text to suit your own tastes
  • All numbers are clearly displayed on the flashboard
Bingo card checker
  • If you printed your cards using the software’s card printing facility it can automatically verify them for you
  • Type in the winning cards serial number and see it displayed on the screen
  • All called numbers are marked off and the card is instantly checked for a win
Bingo pattern editorBingo pattern editor
  • The software includes 20 of the most popular bingo patterns (letter X, picture frame, cover all etc.) but you can add your own favorites using the built in, easy to use (point and click) pattern editor
  • Play up to 3 patterns in each game

See the features page for more details.

Download the free demo and try it out today.

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